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6/11/2019 6:23 am  #1

New Command Needed: Create Prim

Inworldz had a lovely command that Jim said was rather easy to implement. It was something like iwCreatePrim.
What is did was create a prim from scratch using all the possible parameters from llSetPrimitiveParams.
It could also inject scripts into the newly created prim. It was so much more easier and flexible than rezzing an existing prim from contents and passing parameters to it.

That was a super-wonderful command that I miss so much. I remember making an auto-magic box creator that would make a box complete with animated lid just from a simple X,Y,Z size parameter. I also created a sculpty sorter that would create brand-new clean sculpts from the textures inside it. 

As I recall he said all the needed routines were already in the Opensim code; he just had to call them.

/me pokes Locked and bats my big beautiful green eyes at him    lol


6/12/2019 7:17 am  #2

Re: New Command Needed: Create Prim

there is something like this in the firestorm preferences configuration under one of the build menus. Basically you can start every prim with certain appearance, permissions and maybe also with nested contents.


6/12/2019 3:13 pm  #3

Re: New Command Needed: Create Prim

Not even close to what I was suggesting. This was an actual command  that could be used in a script. It could create a brand-new prim of any kind you wanted   I dont remember the actual parameters so here's some fake code to get the idea of what it could do

CreateNewPrim(Name "My New Prim", Cube, 1.2 x 3 x 4, hollow 82%, pathcut 45 degrees, rotated 3 degrees, color red, alpha 13%, 0.3 meters above this spot,  set perms mod/copy/notrans, add script "DoStuff")

That's fake code but shows the kind of things it could do.  JIm said all the basics were already in the base code; he just had to write a new function to call them in the new command..

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6/25/2019 6:48 pm  #4

Re: New Command Needed: Create Prim

Hmm you can get close to this with a little prep work.

Design a script which will set the prim parameters you wish that uses a listen event. 

put this in a fresh prim, then embed this script into the inventory of another prim. Instead of creating a new prim, rez the one you placed in the prims inventory and then send a llRegionSay. The rezed prim will then transform to whatever setting you send. 

Then just have the script delete its self after it is done. 


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