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6/25/2019 7:06 pm  #1

Self Host Download Update

The self-host download is rather out of date.

The OS version is 0.821 whereas the rest of the grid is on 0.901

There are a number of OSSL commands which have been enabled on the grid which are disabled in it. There are also some new OSSL commands which were implemented in 0.9.

The current download uses SQL Lite which is substantially slower than being set up to use MYSQL. Using SQL Lite also reduces the compatibility with V2 groups in a grid setup rather than standalone which is what the Lite version was created for. Among other things for those who use the viewer option "always rez under land group when possible", using SQL Lite this feature will fail. Using MY SQL it will work. 

There are also some settings which no longer exist in the 0.9 opensim.ini example file from OS. It supposedly is required for good performance in Linux but actually seams to slow the system down.

I have a working version using 0.9 connecting to the grid now. If you would like a packaged version let me know and i will send you a url to download it from. 


6/26/2019 4:24 pm  #2

Re: Self Host Download Update

There is also a .9 version for download on the website, which was working ... or if you would like I can add yours to the website if you have a download source. Thanks Sara!

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