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6/12/2019 6:47 am  #1

Is there a script to scan for prim permission in a linkset?

Hello and I have a question.  I have been getting some people who desire to come straight from Second Life to Neverworld as their first leap into opensim.

The question has arisen, how to bring over their inventory from SL.  As they were probably unaware, some of the prims or sculpts they have incorporated into their builds may have no transfer permissions.    So the question arises - is there a script they can use that can check permissions of a linkset?

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6/12/2019 3:32 pm  #2

Re: Is there a script to scan for prim permission in a linkset?

Perms are irrelevant for exporting. You can't export anything unless you yourself have created every asset.
The export function checks the *creator* for every asset; not the transfer permissions. You physically can't export anything YOU did not create*.  You cant even export a texture you have created unless you have it in your inventory. 

"Transfer Permissions" determine  if you can send the thing to another person.
The only SL inventory you can bring over is stuff you yourself have created 100% and in that case you'd already have it on your hard drive anyway, one would hope..

* The export function in a standard viewer anyway. "Naughty Viewers" ignore all that and just do it.



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