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6/11/2019 1:47 am  #1

Oops AKA Who Knew

So this was probably about 9 years ago, in SL, I was so new that everything was just a wonder. A master builder, designer, texture-smith, landscaper and RL artist (she also had build a replica of Portland OR on a sim, with the zoo and all) made me a skybox to live in while I learned about this place. One day, somehow, the floor disappeared while I was doing something (It wasn't me I swear). I knew I'd have to ask her to fix it for me.

To help her get started, I deleted everything else, you know, give her a head start.
Who knew one could just rez a prim and make a new floor - Nine years ago, not I. Luckily Garnet (AKA Pasha) didn't ban me but remade the place that was home for the 1st while in virtual worlds.

I'm pretty sure I've done other stupid things, but this was the 1st and it stands out.  


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