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6/13/2019 11:18 am  #1

Dumped an entire sim into the sea - got returned

Back in the day in SL if you threw something off world (past the edge of the sim) it just got returned...

guess who did this with almost 15k prims selected lol.

an entire sim returned in a single second!


8/13/2019 11:25 pm  #2

Re: Dumped an entire sim into the sea - got returned

I remember the first time I rented a waterfront parcel and was looking through one of those awful freebie boxes with a name like "200 Free BOATS!". I read that if you set something to "physical" it would react in a realistic way with its surroundings so I rezzed a tacky boat and set it to physical. It zoomed away so fast I could barely see it go, leaving me with my jaw dropped open.  LL soon returned it to my small intestine. 


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