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6/13/2019 8:32 am  #1

Server Restarts today 6/13

We are doing rolling server restarts of all servers this morning and restarting all region instances. If your region is down right now, it will be up soon as the restarts are almost complete. Thanks.


8/28/2020 10:54 am  #2

Re: Server Restarts today 6/13

Were going to be doing some software updates on our server tonight, so the server will be going down around 9pm Eastern Time for an hour, potentially more. Thanks for your patience as we implement these updates.


5/09/2021 10:49 pm  #3

Re: Server Restarts today 6/13

Good for game servers with fixed restarts no so good for Fire deamon users, maybe the hard reset times could be some kind of count down from 4 hours lets say ?


2/21/2022 9:04 pm  #5

Re: Server Restarts today 6/13

Just wondering if there is an update going in or Server Maintenance today because the game wont connect to servers for over the last 30 minutes. Thanks in advance for the info


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