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6/01/2022 6:34 am  #1

New here

Hello everyone. I'm Yalieke and brandnew here.  I play in second life for several years now, and heard from somebody there about the Neverworld Grid.Curious as I am, I want to discover this new world.  Who can guide me to get there please?  My skills in second life are building, decorating and making avatars for others to help.  Just started with making mesh clothes and other mesh stuff, but still learning.
Thanks in advance to help me


7/21/2022 3:23 am  #2

Re: New here

Yalieke, 1st go here and click create account. Then download a viewer, Firestorm or some other. If Firestorm, open the it then on the top left corner, click viewer, choose preferences, go to Open sim tab and insert
URI: then enter your avatar name and password and that should get you onto the grid.


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