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11/19/2021 10:10 am  #1

Vinyamar Region- Tolkien Art Galleries

Tolkien art galleries is a combined effort of Trip Porizkova and Valla Bonetto to bring to life, and give our virtual community of Tolkien elves, a sanctuary where they can live, thrive, and record their history together as family and friends. Formerly from Tirion Forest in Second Life, Trip ( who at the time portrayed Finarfin Noldorin of the Finwe family ) and Valla Bonetto (Who was  Valar) pay homage to Professor Tolkien and thank them, and his illustrators, for permission to represent his beautiful creation and display their art to the public.Items are free to copy, but please never sell them please. We are here to support these great artists and to promote their Real life creativity.
Vinyamar Region, also  known as Aman by us Elves, has free rentals of cottages and Hobbit homes with 1.000 prim allotment. The adjoining regions of English Gardens, which is owned by Valla Bonetto, also have homes free to rent, and another Tolkien art gallery to enjoy. The region of Eldamar is the residential home of Trip Porizkova, and it is also free to visit and enjoy by the public, if they so wish. It's beautiful grounds are manicured like a park, and speckled with interesting areas to enjoy. Thank you Govega...Neverworld's memorial Gardens honors and helps us to remember loved ones that have passed on in "real life"...whatever that means. Whether digital or physical, we are friends..and we are family.
Please do visit us and, if you are a long, lost, Elf or Tolkien fan, please feel free to make it your home also.  For information, please contact Trip Porizkova or Valla Bonetto. We are ever expanding to take in those who are returning home..


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